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Military Contract Solutions matches elite veterans with elite civilian job positions.

MCS veterans and top businesses are the ideal military to civilian job match. Qualified veterans are highly skilled, highly specialized employees that exceed the average military rank and file.  These highly specialized former military personnel are the best this country can produce and will adapt, overcome and excel in any situation.  Prior to MCS, Fortune 500 companies had limited knowledge and limited access to highly specialized veteran personnel. Likewise, these elite former military found it difficult to translate well-established skill sets for a civilian career with a Fortune 500 company after their military service.

MCS Universal was founded by Scott R. Snow upon his retirement from 20 years of flying fighter jets off of US Navy aircraft carriers.  In transitioning from a military career Scott noticed the stark contrast between the military and civilian world.  Although the military offers recruitment services to help its veterans transition back to civilian life, the sheer numbers create a one size fits all approach that does not translate well in the realities of the business world.

What makes a veteran in Military Contract Solutions an asset for a top business?

TRUST: How many of your employees have been given the keys to a 100 million dollar piece of equipment, a billion dollar budget and oversight of hundreds if not thousands of people? MCS Veterans were entrusted with protecting our nation, the lives of all the people under their leadership and the high level equipment used to get the job done.

LOYALTY: Commitment to serve. What does it cost a company to replace personnel? Former military exhibit an unparalleled sense of loyalty and commitment to delivering a quality business product.

INTEGRITY: MCS Veterans undergo a military recruitment qualification process allowing Military Contract Solutions to provide elite companies with elite military personnel. These men and women are trained to make decisions. Decisions that benefit the greater good. For a Fortune 500 company, this translates into strong employees with the courage and commitment to make decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

LEADERSHIP: Military recruitment for a civilian job yields a winning combination. MCS Veterans are proven leaders with experience supervising hundreds and often thousands of servicemen and servicewomen. Strategic planning ability, team motivation and selflessness are essential qualities for upper management positions. Military Contract Solutions trains each qualified veteran to translate these learned leadership skills to civilian careers.

TEAMWORK: It is our belief at MCS Universal that top companies are successful because of dedicated, hardworking employees, strategic business models and teamwork. Our minimum qualifications begin at a level equating to a management position in a civilian job.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: MCS veterans bring experience managing multimillion dollar budgets. A billion dollars in assets and 400 servicemen and servicewomen are the average amounts under a Squadron Commanding Officer. MCS leaders and managers will take your company to the highest levels and run circles around the competition applying the skill sets acquired in the military.

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Are you one of the elite?

MCS is an elite military veteran recruitment company, matching the military's finest with the skill sets needed in a top-performing business. Learn how to qualify.

GSA Customers

GSA Customers

MCS Universal is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and the sole source wholesale distributor of Greenfitco products. Enter the GSA portal.

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Aircraft Services

MCS Universal provides highly qualified and experienced captains and first officers on a range of aircraft types. Ferry crew pilots and instructors, for both military and civilian aircraft are recruited. Learn about the pilots we hire.