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Military Contract Solutions (MCS Universal) supplies high quality fitness equipment, specialized fitness repair tools and fitness monitoring equipment to all government agencies.

Military Contract Solutions is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and the sole source wholesale distributor of Greenfitco products.  While the GSA contract is pending, please use this letter MCS sole source for sole source purchase justification.

Military Contract Solutions (SDVOSB) provides the government fitness and health industry with the highest quality of fitness equipment, specialized tools and monitoring equipment. Our mission is to empower those in government service, whether in uniform or out, with fitness equipment that performs consistently, effectively and efficiently.  MCS provides the tools to monitor and repair all makes and models of fitness equipment, allowing preventative maintenance in accordance with DoD MWR Physical Fitness Center Standards, maximal life cycle longevity, asset availability and superior return on investment, while preserving safety of the fitness equipment users.

MCS takes pride that our products can serve a large spectrum of needs, ranging from base fitness centers, to shipboard gyms, to remote field locations where having the right equipment in your packout makes all the difference.

Read our editorial review in Government Recreation and Fitness September 2013 edition here: Govt Rec and Fitness Sep 13 and our Year long Case Study

Here are the savings if implemented:

Navy Savings

USAF Savings

US ARMY Savings

USG Savings

For further information and ordering, scott@mcsuniversal.com or call MCS directly at 830-714-4824 or 210-862-6685

The React trainer (reACT) is the perfect solution for implementing the recommendations of the Joint Services Physical Training Injury Prevention Working Group.

Read the report here:  Prevention of Physical Training-Related Injuries


How big is our military injury problem?  Musculoskeletal Injuries of Military personnel

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GSA Customers

GSA Customers

MCS Universal is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and the sole source wholesale distributor of Greenfitco products. Enter the GSA portal.

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MCS Universal provides highly qualified and experienced captains and first officers on a range of aircraft types. Ferry crew pilots and instructors, for both military and civilian aircraft are recruited. Learn about the pilots we hire.