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A process joining elite veterans and exceptional companies together

As a whole, our country admires the military. Companies seeking to do their part and hire veterans often require a translator who can connect the right veteran for a Fortune 500 executive team or highly specialized profession. MCS Universal maintains very high standards and only the elite will even be allowed to submit a resume. Our qualification process begins at an officer/specialist level that translates to management. MCS Universal then takes each veteran through the vetting process, accepting only the true professionals and finding the right fit for both companies and veterans.

  • Read our story. Find out if we offer what you are looking for.
  • View our qualification requirements.┬áIf you meet our standards, submit your credentials. MCS Universal will follow up to schedule an interview.
  • Communicate about job opportunities. Accepted submissions will be allowed to view our job listings. We will help connect you with employers who match your skill-set.
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Are you one of the elite?

MCS is an elite military veteran recruitment company, matching the military's finest with the skill sets needed in a top-performing business. Learn how to qualify.

GSA Customers

GSA Customers

MCS Universal is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and the sole source wholesale distributor of Greenfitco products. Enter the GSA portal.

Aircraft Carrier Customers

Aircraft Services

MCS Universal provides highly qualified and experienced captains and first officers on a range of aircraft types. Ferry crew pilots and instructors, for both military and civilian aircraft are recruited. Learn about the pilots we hire.